What We Do

We take investment risks efficiently.



We design investment solutions that aim to give our clients the highest possible return for each unit of portfolio risk. 

High Net Worth Investment Management



Our team’s industry experience allows us to customize our investment approach in line with each client’s needs, balancing risk tolerance, capital preservation and liquidity requirements.


We do this by:


  • Targeting an agreed risk objective.
  • Buying cheap assets with the right risk/return profile. 
  • Understanding the value of uncorrelated return streams.
  • Favoring truly uncorrelated assets.
  • Allowing price momentum to guide us in our investment decisions.
  • Going to cash in times of market stress

Institutional Investment Management



We are able to provide a full range of financial and investment services to institutional investors, including corporations, endowments, profit-sharing plans and foundations.  Our services include consultations with both boards of directors and company management teams in order to develop, design and implement the following: 


  • Investment policies
  • Portfolio design across all asset classes
  • Cash-flow planning
  • Portfolio monitoring 
  • Comprehensive portfolio reporting
  • 401K plan management